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Could you check this answer that goes with this passage.

It was... the greatest aggregation of labor and capital eber gathered in one place. It employed 30,000 men; it supported directly 250,000 people in its neighborhood, and indirectly it supported 500,000. It sent its products to every country in the civilized world, and it furnished the food for no less than 30 million people!

Sinclair's claim that the factory indirectly supported 500,000 people is probably based on the fact that:

A. the factory's taxes were higher than those of most competing companies.
B. the factory's owners were wealthy
C. worker's salaries supported other business
D. the company gave large sums ot charity
Is it C???

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    Yes, C.

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    Yes. You're right again! :-)

    The workers' salaries were used to pay rent, buy food, clothing, etc., etc.

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