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How did the Beatles change music and affect today's music?

I have found some information on this, but I am doing a presentation and feel like I am repeating the same thing about peace and their song lyrics over and over again. Any more in-depth info would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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    Not knowing what you have, it makes it difficult to know what to send you. Here's a GOOGLE Search that may help:


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    Thanks! Basically, I have that they experimented with sound a lot, brought soul and blues back into rock, that they were very into peace (especially John) and were peace activists, and that their lyrics, especially in their later years, were more symbolic and represented things. I also have that they changed fashion, too, and quite a few other things, but that is a summary of the info I have.

    I'd probably like some more specifics, like certain ways they encouraged peace, certain things about their lyrics, etc. For example, I found out that under experimenting with sound, they used sitars and other interesting instruments. Things like that.

    Thank you so much!

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