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Could you check this answers also thanks.

Directions use the correct form of the verb faire.

Je vais chercher Sophie. On va ---------- les courses.
Answer: fait

Vous ------- souvent les courses?
Answer: faites

Mon cher ami, nous -------- les courses tous les samedis.
Answer: faisons

C'es bien ├ža. Tu aimes ------- les cours, alors.
Answer: fais

Moi, Pas du tout. Mais je ----- les courses pare que j'aime manger.
Answer: fais

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    If these were numbered, it would be easier to be sure we are look at the same one.

    #1. After a form of "aller" (vais, vas, va, allons, allez, vont) the only form of a verb that you can use is an infinitive. Therefore: On va faire...

    #4 = C'est (typo) Again: Tu aimes FAIRE, etc.

    #5 = check typo "parce que"

    Otherwise, OK.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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