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I need help with this problem.

(Just imagine a small square with 5x-1 at the top of the square, 2x on the left side of the square and in the right hand corner of the square there is a box on the top is a 3 and on the left side is a 2.) You have to figure it out the area of each shaded region in simplest form.

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    since you say it is a square, its sides must be equal
    so 5x-1 = 2x
    x = 1/3 , mmmhhh!

    then you say there is a box in the corner of the square.
    A box is 3-dimensional, a square has 2 dimensions.

    What is the "shaded" region?

    Sorry, I don't follow you question, perhaps somebody else can see what you mean.

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    You know how when you have a right angle in the corner... well that's what the box that has 3 on the top and 2 on the left side is.

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    Do understand what I mean now?

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    I can't reconcile the fact,since the first square must be 2/3 by 2/3, that there can be a "box" inside it with sides 3 and 2.

    What part of the original square was 5x-1 ?
    Was it the entire length or just part of it.
    Perhaps if you name the vertices with letters A, B, etc and length of sides as AB, somebody here can figure out what you mean.

  • Further help needed here - Math -

    anybody else follow Madeline's problem?

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    I too am lost.

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