Math (graphs) PLEASE help!

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I need a suggestion for what to go by for a couple of charts.

1. (-4,1), (-1,3.4), (1.5, 5.4), (6.4, 9.32) and (9,11.4)

2. (-4, 4.4), (-1, 2), (2.4, -0.72), (11, -0.76), and (14, -10)

Thank you!

  • Math (graphs) PLEASE help! -

    Are you asking how to graph those? If so, then since they are ordered pairs, you can graph them as points.

    The first number in the parantheses is the X intercept and the second number is the y intercept

  • Math (graphs) PLEASE help! -

    Not quite, Chopsticks. You used the term "intercept" erroneously.
    In each of the pairs, the first number is the x coordinate, and the second is the y coordinate.

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