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Help me with this problem. Write an equation of line containing the given point and perpendicular to the give line (4-2); 9x+2y=3

help me with this.

  • algebra -

    We need to find the slope of the original line
    One way is to put it in the form y = m x + b
    2 y = -9 x + 3
    y = -9/2 x + 3/2
    so the slope m = -9/2
    now the slope of the perpendicular m' = -1/m
    = 2/9
    so our line has the form
    y = -2 x/9 + b
    now put 4 in for x and -2 in for y and find b

  • algebra -

    easy way:
    A line perpendicular to 9x + 2y = 3 must be
    2x - 9y = k
    sub in your given point to find k,
    all done!

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