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i'm writing a short essay where i have to describe three writers about their literary techniques.

for my introduction, i want to start out with a saying why writers use literary devices. Then i want introduce the writers and their different techniques. but i just don't want to say, "i'm writing about three writers..." how would i say that in a more interesting way.

my intro so far:
Each writer has his or her own way of writing and use different types of literary techniques to express their ideas in words. Each literary technique can be used to send a message to the readers in its own way. Some interesting techniques are Irony, deflation, and dramatic monologue.

i am having trouble on how i would write the last sentence in a more clearer way.

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    In this brief essay, we shall explore the use of irony, deflation, and dramatic monologue.

    Now, I hope you are working with Robert Browning on dramatic monologue...he was the master of that form.

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