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a bug is sitting on a long playing record going at a constant speed.

Given: The record is turnning at a constatn reate of 33.3 revloutions per minute. The bug, whose mass is 1.4g, is sitting 12cm from the center of the record.


a. how long does it take the bug to go around once?

I am not sure if i am overthinking this or not but would it be but would it be like this.

d=2pir = 73.36 cm on 1 revolution. so the bug will travel 73.36cmX33.3 rpm=2442.88cm in one minute, than divide 2442.88cm/60 seconds to = 40.71cm a second. than 73.36cm divide by 40.71 cm/sec = 1.8 seconds for the length of ride?

b. how fast is the bug going?
v=d/t or 40.75 cm/second

c. how much centripetal force acts on the bug.

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    a,b correct.

    Centripetal force= mass*v^2/r

    You can work this in the cgs system (centimeter, gram, second) and force will be in dynes, however, I recommend converting to SI units (meters, kg, seconds) and force will be in Newtons.

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