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I was wondering How do I write a fraction or mixed number for a number such as 900.002 and or numbers such as 289.078 How do I figure out what the fraction form of theese types of numbers are?????

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    900.002 is read as 900 and 2 thousandths. In fraction form it would be 9 2/1000

    How would you read 289.078?

    How do you write it as a fraction?

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    I think I read this as 289 and 78 thousandths? So it would be wrote as 289 78/1000 ??

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    289 and 78 thousandths

    289 78/1000

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    Anonymous is right. :-)

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    289 78/1000 = 289 39/500 simplified

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    I think I get it now!! Thank you so much!!!!! wish we had teachers like you here in my school.

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    Great! I'm glad you got it! :-)

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