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I am currently taking a class that focuses on the History of Hip-hop; I have to choose a hip-hop topic and write a 9 page paper about it. However, I am having a hard time choosing a topic: Do you have any topics in mind that would be easy to research?

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    I have absolutely no knowledge about this whole topic!! But you may find some ideas in these sites:

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    My first question is: "Is that REALLY music?" Here is a GOOGLE Search that has some ideas for you:''


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    Yes SraJmcGin it is really music. Maybe not to you but it reflects, for the most part, a unique genre of music that many people seem to enjoy. Yes, some of its lyrics might not be accepted by all but it is music in the same way that jazz, pop, and even bluegrass are music.
    If you also felt that it wasn't music then maybe you shouldn't have even answered the question.

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    Sam, rudeness like your response to Sra is likely to get you no further help from her -- or maybe from anyone else here at Jiskha.


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    No Writeacher, I thought she was being very insulting by even asking that question before answering my question....

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    Sorry, Sam! That was a "tongue in cheek" remark and I thought you would understand that I was kidding! After all, I do research on music! :)


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