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the RCY 1 club
the RCY 2 club
the RcY 3 club
the yc gag club
the science invention club
the pop music yp club
the reading essay
the mountain climbing club
the robot manufacture club
the cartoon drawing club
the badminton 1 club
the badminton 3 club
tµµ bowling 1 club
the bowling 2 club
the volunteer work club/ the volunteer activity club
the life physical education club
the Seokmun pyschic energy club
the sports newspaper yp club
the animation yp club
the watching TV with subtitles club
the on-line club
the Yunsan drama club
the course investigation club/ the course search club
the soccer club
the quilt club
the table tennis club 1
the ping-pong club 2
the table tennis club 3
the balloon art club
the environment love club 1
the environment love club 2

(I have changed club names into English. Would you check the names of the full-time development activities? If you have better expressions, would you let me know them? Thank you.)

  • English -

    Since I don't recognize some of the names (yp for example) I'm unable to think of a better expression. Because these are proper names, you would probably capitalize them. Check the 3rd one RCY-3 to capitalize all 3 letters?


  • English -

    First of all, whenever "the" is part of the club's name, it needs to have a capital T. If it's not part of the formal name then leave the "t" in lower case.

    Second, what does "RCY" stand for? What does "yc" stand for? What does "yp" stand for?

    The RCY 1 Club
    the RCY 2 club
    the RcY 3 club
    The Comedy Club
    The Science Inventors Club
    The Pop Music Club
    The Reading and Writing Club
    The Mountain Climbers Club
    The Robotics Club
    The Cartoonists Club
    The Badminton Club
    The Bowling Club
    The Volunteers Club
    The Community Services Club
    The Fitness for Life Club
    The Seokmun Physics Club
    The Sports Journalism Club
    The Cartoonists Club
    The Foreign Films Club
    The Online Club
    The Yunsan Drama Club
    The Courses and Careers Club
    The Soccer Club
    The Quilting Club
    The Ping Pong Club
    the balloon art club<~~would be within The Cartoonists Club
    The Ecology Club

    There are also many clubs based on a particular language or culture: The French Club, The Latin Club, etc.

    Let me know if you have further questions or comments.=)

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