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list two key differenes between anient rome and modern times

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    Oh, my!

    Transportation --
    Romans walked, rode horseback, or rode in wagons or chariots.
    We walk, ride buses, trains, cars, and planes.

    Laundry --
    Romans sent their dirty clothes to laundries that used urine among other things to get them clean.
    We throw our dirty clothes into our washers.

    Lights --
    Romans used candles or lanterns.
    We have electric lights.

    Shopping --
    Romans went to a Forum to meet friends, conduct business, and shop.
    We go to a mall.

    Language --
    Romans spoke Latin.
    Today, nobody speaks Latin although some people can read it.

    Religion --
    Romans believed in many gods and goddesses.
    Most modern people believe in only one God.

    Baths --
    Romans went to public baths where they socialized and conducted business. Only a very few very rich people had baths at home.
    We bathe in the privacy of our own homes.

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