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Could you please read my act 1 summary of Romeo and Juliet and if there are any changes needed please let me know. It doesn't matter if you don't remember the first act but as long as it sounds right to you. Thanks God Bless

Sampson, and Gregory who are sevants to Capulets, and Abraham who is a servant to the Montague's starts a street fight. Benvolio, and Tybalt also joins in the street fight between Sampson and Gregory. The Prince of Verona who learns of the steet fight states that if other fights take place they will be sentenced to death. While all of this is occurring Romoe becomes sad, and depressed becasue he is in love with Rosaline, but she doesn't love him back. Benvolio notices Romeo in the woods appearing gloomy. Romeo tells Benvolio about his love for Rosaline, and Benvolio tells Romeo to look at other girls instead of just her. Meanwhile, Capulet agrees for Paris to marry Juliet but only if Juliet falls in love with Paris at the pary held at Capulets house later that night. Romeo and his friends received an invitation from a servant about a pary held later that evening. Romeo thought something bad was going to occur and he would have to make up his mind. Romeo, and his friends decide to got to the party unwelcome. Also, Romeo wants to see Rosaline at the party, and try to win her favor. Lady Capulet discusses the idea of marriage to Paris with her daughter, Juliet. Juliet says that if she loved him she would get her mother's approval on marrying him, but if she didn't love him then she won't marry him. At Capulet's party, Romeo camouflaged by a mask falls in love with Juliet on sight. Tybalt overhears Romeo's voice as Romeo starts comparing Juliet to the morning sun. Tybalt wants to attack Romeo because he is a Montague. Capulet won't make Tybalt attack Romeo because he heard that Romeo was well mannered, and Capulet didn't want to be embarrassed by having a fight in his own home. At the end, Juliet and Romeo learn each other's name, and that they are rivals of the other's family.

  • Romeo and Juliet Summary -

    well LALA i think that you have a perfect summary but i didn't get this line:

    Romeo thought something bad was going to occur and he would have to make up his mind.

    anyways check your spellings...i guess that just the typing error...or else everything is fine to go.

    all the best !!!

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