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year 8 RE - re teachers

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Please could someone help me with my re homework.
i need to write an essay.this is the question:-
Show how religious beliefs and practices may be connected to the needs and concerns of people living at different times and in different situations.
Please could you explain what i need to write and what to look for .
thankyou ! i really appreciate your help!

  • year 8 RE - re teachers -

    Here's one example of how religious beliefs are connected to people's needs and concerns.

    In ancient times and among pre-literate peoples, the world is a mysterious place. People don't understand why it doesn't rain enough or why earthquakes or floods happen. They are fearful of much in their environment, and so devise religious beliefs and ceremonies to try to keep themselves safe.

    You can elaborate on that idea plus find at least two other examples for your essay.

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