Liberalism in the 19th Century

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Why has liberalism been considered the "ideology of the bourgeoisie" or middle class?

I am really struggling with this question... can you please help?

  • Liberalism in the 19th Century -

    "From its origins in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe and the United States, liberalism was the ideology of the bourgeoisie. Its early political legitimacy rested on its claim to speak for the productive elements of the entire nation—in France this was called the “Third Estate” of bourgeoisie, peasants and workers—aligned in social revolution against feudal elements in society: the royalty, the clergy and the landed gentry. Yet, in spite of its claims, from the beginning liberalism expressed in politics and economy the aims of the bourgeoisie. What this meant in practice was the domination of the state by capitalism, the breaking down within the nation of feudal barriers to the capitalist market, and the subjugation of the working class."

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