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please check this:
Which sentence best describes electrical conductors?
a. electrical conductors have low mass density
b. electrical conductors have high tensile strength
c. electrical conductors have electric charges that move freely
d. electrical conductors are poor heat conductors


Which statement is the most correct regarding electric insulators?
a. charges within electric insulators do not readly move
b. electric insulators have high tensile strength
c. electric charges move freely in electric insulators
d. electric insulaotrs are good heat conductors


The process of charging a conductor by bringing it near another charged object and then grounding the coductor is called
a. contact chargin
b. induction
c. polarization
d. neutralization


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    physics isnt my best subject so that is why I go to Goolgle and look up the answers but to who ever put this up thaks cuz it helped me some ut i dp got one question.
    Now if I was to want to go and touch an electrical fence while wearing rubber gloves would i be shocked at all???????

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