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1. The majority of CEOs blame unethical employee conduct on:
the breakdown of traditional religious institutions.
a failure of leadership to establish ethical standards.
the increase in lawsuits used to avoid personal responsibility.
the nation's business schools that tolerate unethical behavior in students.

-My Answer D

2. Businesses can best meet their responsibility to society by:
creating markets for domestic products.
shifting the blame for product liability cases onto the legal system.
supporting their preferred government officials.
creating wealth for their stockholders.

My Answer: B

3. The purpose of a(n) ________ is to evaluate an organization's progress towards implementing programs to achieve social responsibility?

accountability review
social audit
federal disclosure statement.
annual report.

-My Answer D

4. Ethical problems and issues of social responsibility are:
unique to firms involved in global trade.
unique to the United States.
not unique to the United States.
less important now than in the past.

My Answer: C

5. Top leaders in government and business today are:
held to higher ethical standards than in the past.
held to less strict moral standards than in the past.
less interested in social responsibility than in the past.
at odds with the general public in regard to ethical issues.

My Answer A

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    Ethical behavior covers a ________ range of conduct than does legal beh

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    5, A

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