posted by nathan

can someone help me analyze this poem

The Hair: Jacob Korman's Story

Ten kilometers from Warsaw,
I arrived in Rembertow where
hundreds of Jews had lived
until the wheel turned: Judenrein.

You think they let themselves be taken?
They would not fill the trucks.
Men were shot trying to pull guns
from the guards' hands.

and hands of dead women
clutched hair, hair of SS guards,
blood-patched hair everywhere,
a velt mit hor, a field of hair.

  1. GuruBlue

    You will find the key to this poem at these sites:


  2. kayla

    warsaw is a city in poland.... until the wheel turned means gettin rid of the jews and you think to themselves be taken means alot of people mistaken why the jews couldn't escape or try too, because they would die. and the last stanza is sayin they did fight back

  3. pallavi

    poem the road not taken

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