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What is war? Is it good or is it bad? War is defined in many different ways and we, as people, have strong, different opinions about it. Some people are anti-war, some are pro-war, and some are neither. People may have different views on war, but most people can agree that war is a topic that brings out the emotional side of us, especially for poets. One might think that violence and death in a war would present similar feelings, but not to poets like Rupert Brooke and Owen Wilfred. Brooke wrote the poem, “The Soldier” in which he glorifies war and Wilfred wrote the poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” in which he shows the horror of war. These two poets wrote poems based on the same subject matter, but the fact is that both have contradicting views on war and they both convey their views and ideas through two unique styles of writing.

My questions:

the thesis is the last sentence. I am using the word "and" two time. Is that okay?
It also seems like a run on sentence. Is there a place where i can put a semicolon.
I used the word "contradicting" in my thesis. am I using the word correct based on it definition or should I change it to "different".
The last part of the thesis: Should I say "two unique styles of writing" or just "uniqe styles of writing"

  • question continued -

    in my essay, i will also write how they are similar, but difference between the two poems and poets are great. I would I have mix that in my thesis.

  • i still need help -

    This is my revised thesis. Instead of one sentences, I made it into two. Does it sound good? Again, am I using the word "contradicting" correctly.

    These two poets wrote poems based on the same subject matter, but the fact is that both have contradicting views on war, and surprisingly share some things in common as well. Wilfred and Brooke convey their views and ideas through two similar, but different unique styles of writing.

  • english intro -

    You can shorten your thesis statement to the below:

    Rupert Brooke and Owen Wilfred wrote poems on war. Both have contradicting views, but surprisingly share some things in common as well. They convey their views and ideas through two similar, but different, styles of writing.

    "These two poets" needs to refer to something previously mentioned. However, as the thesis statement, this should be the first paragraph.

    Minimize use of "the fact is that."

    If you mention their names at the beginning of the paragraph, you can use a pronoun for conciseness and variation.

    Using both "different" and "unique" becomes redundant. Use just one. You might even consider eliminating the last sentence completely.

    I hope my suggestions help. Thanks for asking.

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