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On the left, there is a flower.
On the right, there is a bee.
There is a thick black line between them. If you want to make the bee land on the flower, what do you have to do. (One a page in the textbook)

1. I will make a big hole in the thick black line. Then the bee will go to the flower through the big hole. Then the bee can land on the flower.

2. I will cut the paper containing the bee with a pair of scissors. Then I will apply paste on the back of the paper. After that, I will put the flower and the sheet of paper having the bee together. Isn't it a good idea?

3. I will take a look at the picture far away. Then I will look at the picture closely by folding the picuture into two along the black line. Then the bee will contact the flower.

4. I will erase the thick black line. Then the bee will go to the flower and land on it. It's easy, isn't it?

(Are the expressions all correct? Would correct them? The activity is about thinking of creative ideas.)

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    That's a great activity. It requires people to use their imaginations, both in connecting the bee with the flower in different ways and in drawing or erasing the black line.

    Here is one re-wording suggestion: in #3 -- "Then the bee will land on the flower."

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