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1) Briefly describe an experience at SUNY Maritime that has had a positive impact your life?

I’ve learned so much from my classes in SUNY maritime college
has a had a positive impact my life. I’ve learned so much about myself as well. I now realize that getting involved and making new friends are just as “making the grade” I believe that my college is a place where I can figure out who you are became the person you want to be”
To build a clearer sense of purpose, get to know other students who work hard to be successful .students who have the same major or career interests and learn about courses they have taken work experiences they have had and their plans for the future.

SUNY maritime college is designed to give all the tools I need to find and achieve purpose.

2) What does the word leadership mean to you? Give one example of leadership quality you see in yourself and explain.

When asked what the important qualities of leadership are, different people hold different perspectives, due to their different experiences. I think there are same standards judging leadership in several aspects.
Firstly, a good leadership treats his/her staff fairly. He knows how to balance the workload. He will not let some members of his staff do many things while others only do a few things. If he gives you a task, he will tell you in advance. Moreover, he will not ask you complete a project in a few days that actually needs half a month to do. A poor leadership never considers his employee’s feelings. A poor leadership is usually not a good player, so he is never nervous when a project comes to its deadline, and he will use his fault to punish his staff. A leadership like this would certainly not benefit his purpose.
Secondly, a good leadership praises or criticizes in a straightforward way. If you do very well, he will praise you, and encourage you to do better. If you have made a mistake, he will criticize you face to face, and he will not complain to your co-workers. He will also analyze how to improve your work and point out the ways to do thing right. Furthermore, he will encourage you and trust that you will do well next time.
Thirdly, a good leadership cares for his staff. He is aware of your feelings and emotions. He treats his staff like family members. He is gentle and cheerful. Smile often appears on his face when he greets you. On the contrary, a poor leadership often pretends to be serious. He never understands what his subordinates are thinking. His staff will never have a good mood when he is present at work.
Finally, a good leadership must set a good example to his staff. He must work hard, and has a strong sense of responsibility about his purpose.
I see a leadership quality myself because I’m open and willing to communicate, I’m outspoken and really listen to what other people have to say. If I don’t like someone is doing or if I think that I could help that person with what they are doing wrong then I would say something to that person. And also another reason listen to others you may learns more things that could help you in the future.
3) How would a scholarship help you achieve your goal(s)

It is hard for me to express how excited I’m going to SUNY maritime college. While I’m here I have two goals that I believe will be achieved. First I want to graduate with good score. Second improve my skills to found a good job.
Many people like me inhale go to a college which is not easy without the financial necessary. However some people have the luck to have someone who can pay them for their college expenses. In my case I’m alone in USA. There is no family or relationship in USA. I’ve a huge problem and a lot of responsibility. Nowadays Economic crisis in USA and I lost my job. I have a stressful; it will not let me concentrate in school.
First a scholarship will give me an opportunity to my education much better. I believe that a scholarship would also help me to study full time and achieve my goals within a year. Moreover, a scholarship can prevent procrastination in that I would be so committed in taking advantage of this life time opportunity.
On the other hand, A scholarship would allow me to allocate more time to studying otherwise I have to work full time to pay for my school.i feel it would benefit me able to dedicate more hours to my studies and less time trying support myself.i came to this country with no other relatives and live alone.since English is not my first language,it is required that I spend extra time with material in order to gather the necessary information.having fulltime job by day and trying to play catch up in my courses by night does not benefit me at only makes theprocess of going to school that much more daunting.i feel that with financial relief,I would be able to focus more on school and be able to work less,allowing a more productive academic experience. It can also create a wealth of opportunity from an international level and improve my quality of life. This award can enhance my educational goals and aspirations. I believe that it would help me to improve my ability and I would also consider it to be a joyous momentum
In short, a scholarship will benefit me a lot, because it will assist me to buy books for college and for my living expense. Moreover, it will assist me to obtain, maintain and upgrade meaningful employment. A scholarship would give me a wonderful head start in transforming my purpose into reality as well.Besides that, a scholarship will let me concentrate on my education, instead of having to concentrate on full-time working and studying.

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    There is no charge for our services. We are volunteers. However, we do no do the work for you.

    It seems like you have made no effort to proofread the article yourself. There are so many problems, I don't know where to begin. Here is what you can do before you repost.

    After writing your material, put it aside for a day — at least several hours. (This breaks mental sets you might have that keep you from noticing problems.) Then read it aloud as if you were reading someone else's work. (Reading aloud slows down your reading, so you are less likely to skip over problems.)

    If your reading goes smoothly, that is fine. However, wherever you "stumble" in your reading, other persons are likely to have a problem in reading your material. Those "stumbles" indicate areas that need revising.

    Once you have made your revision, repost your material again for our help.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    PsyDAG is correct. There are far too many errors of all kinds for anyone to catch here.

    Do you have an English assistance lab or tutoring service at your school? That's the place you need to go for help at this level.

    Please seek out help at your school first.

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