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1. After you write short passages about two of your friends, send an e-mail to one of your classmates. The student who gets the e-mail should write a short reply.

2. Read the reading fast, right, and with emotion out loud. After that measure your reading speed.

3. the number of words you read within a minute

3-1. the number of wrong words in the words your read.

3-2. reading speed per minute

3-3. the reading on the first day

(Would you check the sentences above? Correct them, please.)

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    1. Sounds fine.

    2. Instead of "Read the reading" (which is repetitive), you should have "Read the passage" or "Read the text..."

    All the 3's are not sentences.

    3. Sounds fine.

    3-1. To avoid the repetition of "words" so close together, I'd change "wrong words" to "errors."

    3-2 and 3-3 sound fine.

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