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Which of the following species is the strongest oxidizing agent under standard state conditions?
a. Ag+(aq)
b. H2(g)
c. H+(aq)
d. Cl2(g)
e. Al3+(aq)

I think Ag+(aq) will transfer electons sooner than the other four choices.

H2 will hold on it its elcctrons because the 1st shell is filled and very close to the nuclei.

H+ does not have any electrons to transfer.

Cl2 has a filled outer shell.

Al3+ has already lost 3 electrons and the remaining electrons are attracted by the protons even more.

Is my choice of Ag+(aq) correct?

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    Reading your rationale makes me think you aren't using the correct information. Look in your text and find the table of standard reduction potentials. Find each one in the table and copy the voltage, place them in order form high to low, then you can answer the question.

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    Thanks for the push in the right direction, I found the standard reduction potentials.

    Ag+ --- +0.799
    H2 --- 0.0
    H+ --- -0.83
    Cl2 --- +1.359
    Al3+ --- -1.66

    I chose Cl2 as the strongest oxidizing agent.

    Please tell me this is correct.

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    right. Good work.

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