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1.My name is tom.

You should find an incorrect expression and change it into the correct form.
't' should be changed into 'T'. We have to capitalize the first letter in a person's name.

2. You should write down the answers to the questions.

2-1. You should write down the answers for the questions.

(Which preposition do we have to use? Are both OK?)

3. I am a real estate agent.
I am not a real estate agent.
When you change an affirmative sentence into a negative sentence, you have to put 'not' right after the verb be.

4. I am an architect.
Am I an architect?

When you change a declarative sentence into an interrogative sentence, you have to change the position of the subject and the verb be. Change I and am, and then put a question mark at the end. Then you can make a Yes/No question.

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    1. It's very good.

    2. Both are OK, but the first one is the better of the two.

    3. Yes, you are correct.

    4. Correct again! =)

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