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Indicate the gendr of the bracketed words. I tired them but I am not sure am I right or not. Please look over it and give me suggestion if they are wrong. Thank you!!

(They) told the (children) the (stories) they had heard (themselves).

They - collective
children - collective? dual?
stories - stories
themselves - collective

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    Are you sure you're being asked about gender?

    Here's a section on collective nouns:

    And here's one on collective adjectives:

    To me, though, all these forms in parentheses are simply plurals. The last one is plural and reflexive.

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    YesYes. The question original is: Indicate the case, person, number and gender of the bracketed words. I only have trouble with indicating the gender.


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    My other friend with the same assignment put dual for all of them.

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    In English, none of those has a gender.

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