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I have to fill in the missing values in this invisible chart

The cation is Sn+2, the Anion is SiO3^-2. I think the compound is SnSiO3, and the name is silicite. Is this right?

The cation is Al3+, the anion is S^-2. I guessed the compound was Al2S3, and the name was Aluminume Sulfide. Is this correct?

The cation is Fe^3+, and anion is NO3^-1. I guessed the compound is FeNO3, and I guessed the name is iron nitride. Is this correct?

Thanks for looking into these things.

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    Why are you guessing?
    SnSiO3 is the correct formula. The name is tin(II) silicate. The old name of stannous silicate is being phased out.
    Al2S3 is the correct formula for aluminum sulfide.
    The correct formula for iron(III) nitrate is Fe(NO3)3.
    Some notes which you should study.
    The cation is named first. The anion second. So SnSiO3 would have two names; i.e., tin(II) sulfide. The (II) is to show the valence state of tin so it will not be confused with tin(IV) compounds, for example, tin((IV) sulfide would be SnS2.
    The iron(II) nitrate is the same kind of thing so we don't confuse iron(III) which forms many compounds, also. The word nitride is incorrect except for binary compounds. Binary compounds contain two elements. So an element plus an element would be something like CaC2 which is named calcium carbide. The -ide ending tells us it is a nitride or a carbide, or a chloride, fluoride, bromide, etc. Since Fe(NO3)3 is a ternary compound (contains three elements (N,O, and Fe), it can't be an -ide.
    For Fe(NO3)3, note that the +3 for Fe balances charges exactly with 3 NO3^- since each NO3^- has a -1 charge. Therefore, Fe(NO3)3 is neutral as is all salts. SnSiO3 is neutral 2 and -2). Al2S3 is neutral (Al = 2 x +3 = +6 and S = -2 x 3 = -6).
    Here is a chart of polyatomic ions.
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