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Good evening everyone, I just wanted to know why people on this computer keep getting blocked from this site...I tried to ask and answer questions a couple of days ago and was unable to because I was obviously blocked. Whenever i pressed 'Submit Question' it went back to homepage. I know that you guys block people for a reason but I'm pretty sure that I, nor anyone else around, went to Jiskha for a while so I see that you guys had us blocked for no reason whatsoever. ‘Course you’ll disagree, but I’m pretty sure that what I’m saying is truthful.
After reading this you will probably just block us again but now it's not in my concern. I just wanted this to enter your attention.
Good day

  • Jiskha -

    As I remember, you and your sister posted one or more insults to other students and answered several questions incorrectly -- all in one or two evenings.

  • Jiskha -

    Also -- it's annoying to read your post in which you agree with the answers already given by two Jiskha tutors. It's irrelevant and just clutters up the board.

  • Jiskha -

    Well I'm sorry about that but I never recall insulting other students; I have 5 other siblings, all who could've used my name to do something like that. This I assure you Ms.Sue

  • Jiskha -

    Sorry if I'm being rude, i just realized

  • Jiskha -

    At any rate, we are not punishing you, we are punishing the computer. In a week or two, we will give it a reprieve.

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