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How do I solve for the elimination method: 5x + 3y= -7 and 7x - 2y =13 (step 1); 10x + 6y =-14 and 21x -6y = 39 ( step 2), 31x/31= 25/31, x= 25/31 (step 4). But after that I get lost. Can somebody help me out please.

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    10 x + 6 y = -14 yes
    21 x - 6 y = 39 yes
    add those two
    31 x + 0 = 25
    x = -25/31 yes
    Now go back and use -25/31 in either of the original equations to get y
    5 (-25/31) + 3 y = -7
    3 y = 125/31 -7
    3 y = (125-217)/31
    y = - 92/3

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