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if sin s = -5 /13

and sin t -3/5

s is in QIII
t is in QIV

find tan (s-t)

i got that tan (s-t)= 56/53

is that right? can someone check my work?

  • TRIG -

    If sin s = -5/13, and it is in the third quadrant, cos s = -12/13
    s = 202.620 degrees

    If sin t is -3/5, and t is in the fourth quadrant, cos t = 4/5.
    t = 323.130 degrees

    tan (s-t) = sin (s-t)/cos(s-t)
    = [sin s cos t - sin t cos s]/
    [cos s cos t + sin s sin t]

    Crunch the numbers. You should get a rational fraction, but your 53 in the denominator looks fishy.

    You answer should be 56/33.

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