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These are the numbers of wins for the 30 NBA teams for the 2004-2005 NBA season.
45 43 42 33 33 54 47 44 42 30 59 45 36 18 13 52 49 44 27 26 62 50 37 34 34 59 58 51 45 18
I am supposed to create a grouped frequency table for this data.
I found my range is 62-12=49
I decided that I want to create 7 groups 49/7=7
However when I created my first column, class interval I am missing a number. this is what I got:
13- 19,20-26,27-33,34-40,41-47,48-54,55-61

Please tell me what I am doing incorrect.

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    well you doing it sorrectly now just one more interval to it. 62-68. and no worries ... the frequency will be 1.

    hope you get it.

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    But that wouldn't become into 8 groups instead of 7?

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    Last question what type of research question could possibly arise from this data?

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    Although you might want 7 intervals, there is no magic number. There could be 6 or 8 intervals, if you want.

    Are there any characteristics that relate to the most winning teams in contrast to the least winning teams? League? Area of the country? Salaries? Something else?

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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