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I posted this the other day but no one responeded. Yes, I am looking for the steps and a answer because I can not get it.

Question: Area of Painting: A rectangular painting with a width of x centimeters has an area X^2 +50x square centimeters. Find a binomial that represents the length.

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    X^2 +50x factors and
    = x(x + 50)

    clearly, x must be a positive number, so clearly x+50 is larger than x

    Usually, in talking about length and width, the length is the larger of the two dimensions, isn't it ?

    So, what do you think?

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    To be honest, I could not figure out this problem. I don't know why I am so confused..

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    Area = width x length
    X^2 +50x = x(x+50)

    so x must be the width
    x+50 must be the length

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    How do you multiply fractions like 1-5 x 2-5 please help me with my home work please.

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