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what is the product of:
1. acetic acid + copper(II) sulfate
2. potassium phosphate + ammonium chloride
3. chromium(III) nitrate + ammonia(aqueous)

please help me!


    Many reactions go (react) because one of a few things happen:
    1. A precipitate is formed. For this you need the solubility of materials. Here is a web site that gives you the solubility of the most common materials.
    2. A gas is formed. You should know the gases in the periodic table. In addition to the noble gases, the ones of interest to you are H2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2.
    Here is the site for solubility.
    The first two, I believe, are no reactin.
    The third forms a complex between Cr(III) and NH3. Look up that complex.
    3. A slightly ionized material is formed. That would be water or any of the weak acids or weak bases (a table of Ka and Kb will tell you this).

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