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can anyone help me list examples of biases that resulted from the Holocaust? I really don't know what would be good examples.

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    Jews are victims.
    Germans are evil.

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    If I wanted to discuss this would i just make the Jews seem like harmless innocent people who almost seemed to be blind sided by the cruelty they faced? And then I would tell how the Germans mistreated the Jews without giving their reason for what they did?

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    Yes. That's a good start. Most of the Jewish victims hoped that everything would turn out o.k. if they cooperated. Many of them really didn't know the horrors of the concentration and death camps -- until they arrived there. There were a few people after the war who suggested that the Jews might have saved themselves -- but that was impossible for most of them. However, the bias that I see is that the term victim might be applied to all Jews -- even those who weren't caught up in the Holocaust. Of course, that's an untrue bias.

    Only a few Germans participated in the horrors of the Holocaust. Many people claimed that they didn't know what was going on -- but even if they did -- they were virtually powerless to stop it. That's what a police state does -- scares people so much that they don't dare stand up for what is right.

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    Read the prejudice here:


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