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Question reads "There are a large number of supporters for the command economy and welfare state. A question arises as to which system is better. Suppose you are required to support the position that the command economy is vastly superior, State some arguments that could be used to defend this position. This one really has me stumped, from what I read the welfare State seems a lot better than the command economy, so I'm having troubles finding arguments that will make the command economy look superior, unless I'm missing something. Any links or something that could help me out with this? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here are a number of sites that will help with this.

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    The command economy and the welfare state are about the same. The government makes all of the decisions and makes sure the people's needs are sufficiently met.

    Are you supposed to decide between a command economy and its opposite an unplanned or market economy?

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    Um, not sure about that, I think I have come up with some points that make command economy better than welfare state.

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    Also, thanks for the link Guru blue, one other question, a command economy doesn't have Social Services, does it? Well, at least I couldn't find anything on it having social services.

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    A command economy provides for all of its citizens -- so in a sense, the entire government has social services.

    Almost 14 years ago, I was in Vietnam which has a command economy. We spent two days with a government social worker who took us to the baby my friend was adopting. He handled the paper work, and I'm sure was informally assessing her as a suitabile parent.

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    Oh, I see. Thanks for you help guys. :)

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