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What would 'ocho menos y diez' mean?

What would 'ocho menos y cuarto/media' mean?

Thank You.

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    Are you sure the "y" belongs there? Without that letter, "ocho menos diez" would mean "ten minutes to eight". "Ocho menos quarto" means "quarter to eight". "Ocho menos media" means "half past seven".

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    Please check that last one, Larry. You should NEVER hear or see "ocho menos media" because the way to say 8:30 is "ocho y media." On the clock, divide it in half. From the hour TO the half hour, you need "y." From the half hour to the next hour, you need "menos."


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    The first one is "eight less than ten"
    that's how you have it written.

    The second one is eight less and quarter / comes up '.

    Sorry but that's how it is written down. Hope I helped...

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