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Does anyone know when the french teacher will be online? I just wanted to know thanks.

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    We are all volunteers and answer questions when we have leisure time. Probably Sra will be answering questions here within the next 24 hours -- unless she's out of town or busy with her many other interests and responsibilities.

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    Ok thanks do you know the french I posted. It's ok if you don't I was just curious.

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    As Ms. Sue stated, none of us are here on a regular basis.
    Most of us do this because we believe in "life time learning" and many of us are retired educators.
    I have noticed that SraJMcGin answers almost every French question that is posted if she is online.

    I don't think anybody is here on a regular time or a regular schedule. Personally I tend to go in spurts, but I travel a lot, for example from this Thursday to next Monday I will be in our beautiful city of Montreal indulging and spoiling the grandkids.

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    I'm on when I first get up, before I go to bed and several times during the day if I'm here.


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