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Find the y- and x-intercepts for the equation. Then graph the equation. Does y come first in the solution? I figured that:

the first solution is (0,-3) is this correct? and is x = to {3/7,0}? Thanks!

f(x) = - 3 - 7x

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    The y intercept is the value of f(x) (which we call y) when x = 0. That equals -3. The coordinates of the point are (0,-3)

    The x intercept is the value of x when y = 0, which is -3/7, the coordintes of the point are (-3/7, 0)

    We can't draw the graph for you. It would be straight line passing through those two points.

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    Thank you, so why isn't it positive {3,7,0}? Does the (0-3) come first then the (-3/7,0) OR is it opposite? Thanks

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    The first coordinate in a pair of numbers like (0,-3) is the x coordinate. It makes no sense to write something like {3,7,0}, as you have done. The minus sign in front of the 3/7 is because that is wnat x is when y = 0. You should see that right away by solving
    0 = -3 -7x.

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    Thanks for helping out I see how this fits on the graph now! So my final answer will be (0,3) {-3/7,0}?

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