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Here is a following practice question on my study guide. i have no idea on how to do it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks you.
A solution contains 26.5g NaCl in 75.0g H2O at 20 degrees Celsius. Determine if the solution is saturated, unsaturated, or supersaturated. (The solubility of NaCl at 20 Degrees is 36.0g/100g H2O) Show work.

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    The question is telling you that the solubility is 36 g NaCl/100 g H2O and it is asking what the solubility is in 75 g H2O. Just set up a proportion OR use dimensional analysis.
    36.0 g x (75.0 g H2O)/100 g H2O) = ??
    Then compare that number of ?? with 26.5 and you will know which of the it is. If you want a ratio/proportion, it would be set up like this:
    36/100 = ??/75

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    Thank you!
    But how would i figure out the "??"
    I totally suck at chemistry!.. idk how to find the solubility ..?

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    There is no chemistry in the problem. It's all math and not very advanced math at that.
    How do you figure out the ?? in the equation:
    36.0 x (75.0 g H2O/100 g H2O) = ??
    You key in 36.0 on your calculator, multiply by 75.0 and divide by 100. That's all there is to it.

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