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In Drosophilia, the gene for red eyes, R, is dominant for the gene for white eyes, r. This is sex-linked Determine the possible genotype and phenotype ratios expected from a cross between, (a) heterozygous female and red-eyed male, (b) a heterozygous female and a white-eyed male, (c) a homozygous dominate female and a redeyed male, and (d) a homozygous dominate female with a white-eyed male.

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    Let XR stand red-eyed gene and Xr for white.

    Heterozygous female would be XR Xr, and red-eyed male would be XR Y. Do the Punnett square with these genes.

    Use the same method for the other combinations.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    Convert the following DNA sequence into its RNA equivalent and then using the genetic code, convert that RNA sequence into the amino acid sequence.


    For this above DNA sequence, what information is contained in the genetic code for the first and last codon?

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