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Oh no! I just realized that I just had a test and for example 2sinx-sinx-1.

If I answered theta = *whatever whatever... instead of x = *whatever and my teacher decides to deduct half marks for each question I do, what are some points that I can argue?

This is making me worried as what if he deducts all the points from the numerous questions! What points can I argue to make him consider giving me no deductions.

This is worrying me because their is tons of questions that I could have switched x for theta or theta for x.

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    Well ask him to maybe mark you on your working out. BUT I am on the side of the teacher. You did it wrong. Tell him politely how you feel and hope he is sympethetic

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    Yeah that is right but he changed a question around and I guess not thinking I wrote theta instead of x...

    Sigh... needed this test mark to be high.

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    Tell him theta was just a random representative and in no way correlated with radians/degrees.

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    Thanks, I hopefully won't get any deductions!

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