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what number is 24% of 95.
Sorry but i don't understand how to get numbers using percents.

another problem im stuck with is

what percent of 90 is 60

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    24% is the same as 0.24

    To get a fraction OF a number, multiply the fraction by the number. For example, 50% of 10 is 0.5 x 10.

    In your case, the answer is 0.24 x 95 = 22.8

    60 is 2/3 of 90.
    Convert 2/3 to percent

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    what number is 24% of 95

    Change 24% to a decimal.

    24% = 0.24

    Multiply: 0.24 * 95 = ??

    Your answer should be about 25. Think about 1/4 of a dollar is.

    what percent of 90 is 60

    This is a division problem.

    60 / 90 = 0.66666 = 67%

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