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State two differences between DNA and RNA.
we did not study this at all, so far I see that DNA has several million nucleotides, the smaller RNA only has several thousand of them. the second thing I noticed is that they both have a base,a five carbon sugar and a phosphate group. DNA has adenine and guanine and two pyrimidines, cytosine, and thymine. RNA contains the same bases except thymine is replaced by uracil. Do you think that would be what they are asking for or is there differences in the acids also? thanks

  • DNA &RNA -

    That's right. Our class spent FOREVER on this, but RNA also has a different sugar type. DNA contain deoxyribose and RNA is just Ribose.

  • DNA &RNA -

    For similarities, I would say that they both have hydrogen bonds. . .

    DNA is double stranded whereas RNA is single stranded. Two helices for DNA but one helix for RNA . . .

    RNA comes from the master plan blueprint called DNA. . . .

    RNA comes in messenger and transfer varieties whereas DNA is just DNA . . .

    Just wait for the fun group when you get to proteins, polypeptides, and amino acids . . . !

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