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What I learned in Home School

Home school is easer than public school. I am able to learn all the same subject at home as I did in public school. I am also able to learn other things that you are not able to do in public school.
History taught me about the verity of wars and why they were fought. It also taught me about the different type of people through out history. I learned that if it was not for the people in history we would not have the things we today.
I learned that science was the most interesting. I liked chemistries because of the experience I did. I like trying to mix different chemicals to make new ones.
Reading opened a lot of doors. I was able to explore different types of literature. I took adventures in drama, pottery, and plays. I found that reading allowed me to do things that would normally be dangerous in the safety of my home.
I found that math was harder then the other subject. With the help of my father and sister made it easer. My sister bought me some math videos that taught everything from first grade to physics.
I found that learning language arts thought me how to be a better writer. Learning the different between nouns and pronoun helps you make shore that the reader understands what I am trying to say. Using the proper grammar and punctuations can help express what point you want to get across.
Going to church and learning the bible. I found that I liked know about the events that lead up to Christ and what Christ did to help us. How Christ died to pay for our sins.
Home schooling allowed me more time to learn the subjects. I had time to complete the assignments and get them right. I had more attention from the teacher.

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    Start with an introduction. Did you learn a lot? Was it a worthwhile year?Tell about what subjects you learned.
    Now pick three things that will each be a large paragraph. First pick something you were good in and got better. Why do you like it? What specifically did you learn. Remember to put in some feeling words about the time maybe that you shot the rocket off and it was so cold but it had stopped snowing. When you lit the fuse, the rocket screamed out of pad and flew straight up into the falling snow. The new fins were a success.New paragraph- write about something you aren't very good at and how you got better at it. Reading British literature might have been so boring at first, but you finally caught on to some of their jokes. Third paragraph write about something about life that you learned by homeschooling. Did you have a chance to watch ladybugs hatch while everyone was running to catch the bus. How about helping your neighbor out because you were home more often. Then a quick ending about whether you would homeschool again and what you would like to learn.

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