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A correct answer will yield me an "A" all SEMESTER, so help is appreciated

Can you find a pythagorean triple whose nonhypotunese legs ARE NOT divisible by 12? That is to say that triples like 3,4,5 would not work because a(3)xb(4)=12/12=1 meaing that their product (a&b) is divisible by 12...

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    Your question is not clear

    You must have meant to say:
    ..whose PRODUCT of the nonhypotunese legs is NOT divisible by 12..

    That only becomes clear in your example when you first use the word product and show it in the example.

    So far I have not found any.
    I am working with this formula:
    if m and n are whole numbers and m > n,

    then 2mn, m^2 - n^2 and m^2 + n^2 will by Pythagorean triples.
    Furthermore, if one of m or n is even and the other is odd, and they are relatively prime, then the triple will be in lowest terms.

    What have you done so far?

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    Actually, I'm using the same formula as you. I searched for formulas yielding Pythagorean triples and it listed a few,yours being one. I'm not getting any results though..

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