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How much is one third of a pound and a half?

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    you do 1.5 divided by 3 and you get .5 or a half

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    By saying "how much" do you mean in ounces? If you do, then remember that there are 16 ounces in 1 pound. Half of 16 is 8, so add that to 16 and you get 24.

    That means 24 ounces = 1 pound and a half.

    Then, divide that by 3 to get a third, which is 8 ounces.

    If you just want to know about it in pounds, look at Brandon's above answer. I hope I helped a little!

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    Thanks zoey, i shoudve seen that. If you meant in ounces then zoey's the way to go! :)

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