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Literature/Huck Finn

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Jim and Huck both decide that their relationships with their friends and loved ones are more important than their freedom, lives, and in Huck's case, his soul. Do you think modern heroes can make the same kinds of choices? In one paragraph describe a modern example of heroism and how it relates to Huck and Jim's actions. use at least 2 examples from the text to support your ideas.

One example of a modern hero to me is a firefighter. Huck made the decision that he would not turn Jim in, he would rather go to hell. Jim and Huck stuck together even if they lost the things most dear to them [freedom, lives]. This is something that a firefighter does everyday. A fireman risks his life and security to save someone from a terrible fate. In the novel, Jim doesn't want Huck to see his father's dead body because he cares too much about him and doesn't want him to get hurt. This is the figure of a firefighter. Even if something horrible happens, they do not want people to get scared. The overall idea is that the two friends can risk their lives to save each other. This is something that a true firefighter would do.

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