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7th grade algebra

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I am supposed to match the function with its possible range.

y=2x-1 is the probrem
The ranges include
-7,-4,-1,2,5,8 or
-5,-3,-1,1,3 or
11,6,1,-4,-9,-14 or

Can you teach me how to figure this out???

  • 7th grade algebra -

    um im not sure if this is rigt but i think that the ranges would be -5, -3, -1, 1, 3. your equation is in slope intercept form so you start with -1. if you would go with the slope which would be 2, then your next number up is 1, then 3. it can also go down which is where you get -3 and -5.....

  • 7th grade algebra -

    Thank you

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