posted by Bella

i'm done with my hw so i was wondering, is there a specific time where the experts for different subjects come on...like Ms.Sue is on most of the time, and science experts are not on as much

also, which experts are connected to literature, grammar, and so on..?

  1. Ms. Sue

    We come on whenever we want to -- so there are no specific shifts.

    I'm sure you can figure out our specialties by watching our answers.

  2. Chopsticks

    I was also wondering about something like that. Who runs this website?

  3. Bella

    you're pretty good at history and literature as well...

    i'm not sure about Reiny, and bobpursley, and damon..and GuruBlue

    i've noticed bobpursley answer many different type of questions; science, lit, history, ..

  4. Bella

    do you guys all work from the same place..?

  5. Bella

    well i have to go now, i'll check the answers to these questions tomorrow,...goodnight Ms.Sue, chopsticks!

  6. Ms. Sue

    Bobpursley is a true Renaissance man. :-)

    This website was started by Leo many years ago and he still is the webmaster. This forum welcomes any good answers, but a small group of us are the "regulars."

  7. Chopsticks

    I doubt it. Since they are all volunteers.

  8. Bella

    well, i found this website by luck...its GREAT help...thanks to all the great experts

    i should go.. :D

  9. GuruBlue

    .... my specialties are Theatre, English(literature, poetry,writing, grammar) , History, Art/Music, and "weird stuff".

  10. mysterychicken

    I thought so

  11. Bella

    "weird stuff"? nice =]

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