posted by Bella

is 95 pounds normal, or above for a 16 year old..? just wondering [height: 5 ft]
i don't need any links., just opinions

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'm sure that it's in the normal range.

  2. Chopsticks

    Well for a girl, I think that should be normal. It all depends though in my opinion. My sister is 15 and shes about 5ft tall, and she weighs about 100 pounds.

    If your like 45 pounds or something, you might want to go see a doctor.

  3. mysterychicken

    45 pounds would be like anorexia
    ...how about 86 lbs for a 13 year old?

  4. Bella

    so ok..its normal

    thanks guys...
    and chopsticks, no im not 45lbs =]

  5. Chopsticks

    That seems normal to me. I feel like I'm watching those weight loss commercials all over again :P

  6. Bella


  7. mysterychicken


  8. Ms. Sue

    You're both a little light -- but still probably in a normal range.

    Check this chart for average heights and weights.


  9. Bella

    that's nice to kno

    somehow i'm always afraid that i'm overweight..this chart is great...
    do you know any links or info that explains how to get less chubbier

    there's so many exercises to lose weight in specific areas, but i don't see much about losing frm your face.
    i hope you unerstand what i'm talking about

  10. Ms. Sue

    Since it seems as though you don't need to lose weight, you'll probably find this site interesting -- about figuring body mass and corresponding weight.


  11. Bella

    they are very interesting...thanks

  12. mysterychicken

    Great sites...thanks Ms.Sue! =]]

  13. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome, MC.

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