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i'm having trouble with this

Which of the following statements about floating objects is correct?

a. the object's density is greater than the density of the fluid on which it floats

b. the object's density is equal to the density of the fluid on which it floats

c. the displaced volume of fluid is greater than the volume of the object

d. the buoyant force equals the object's weight

thanks for any help

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    If you understnd buoyancy at all, you should realize that the correct answer is d.

    Before you ask us multiple-chice questions like this, use your own judegment and tell us what you think.

    a. Objects denser than the fluid to not float
    b. Why should the densities be the same? All kinds of lighter-than-water objects float.
    c. How can an object displace more than its own volume? (other than by splashing a lot of water out of the tub?)

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    thanks a lot for the help!!!

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